I have three patents.

Patent date
Issued Nov 3, 2015
Patent issuer and number
us 9177085
See patent

Multi-dimensional artifact assemblage for infrastructure and other assets with interface node mediators
Patent date
Issued Jul 5, 2016
Patent issuer and number
us 9384308
See patent

Hypermodel-Based Panorama Augmentation
Patent date
Issued Oct 4, 2016
Patent issuer and number
us 9460561
Patent description: Integrated Assemblage of 2D Drawings and Panoramic Images
See patent

Two of the patents are commercialized now. Some demo videos I made are here: earlier media innovations (2012).

Tangerine is not standing still. The earlier work introduces an important concept. But it stops short and does not follow through further toward a logical inevitability. Our newest work, Tangerine Spatial Media Innovations, takes a fundamentally different approach that untethers the new work from the previous patents, making the earlier patents obsolete and irrelevant, and surpassing the earlier work in scope, elegance, potential, and power, while remaining true to the basic concept.

Tangerine will collaborate with any software company interested in building the future of media.

Talk with Tangerine about making this happen in your software products: Contact Us

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