Wanna see a movie?

“Wanna see a movie?”

Sure I do!

It’s a funny word, “movie“. You know why they’re called “movies”: because they move.

Pictures that move. Moving picture. Motion Picture.

Many words are like this: so familiar that we don’t think of them so simply. We don’t think about what they are, why they’re called what they’re called. And we often overlook that something could be named what it’s named for a reason so simple.

We overlook this even though it’s usually the case, for the name of just about anything. Why do we overlook it? Maybe it’s because we tend to be biased against things that really are simple.

We say otherwise, but if we say that we respect something for its simplicity, that’s usually because some kind of respect-worthy complexity is being masked by being made to appear simpler than it is.

We accept and admire simplicity, if it presents complexity in a way that’s elegant, clear, easy to understand.

Take another word: “drawing”.

What is drawing? Why is it called “drawing”?

Is it something complex made to appear simple, with a name as child-like as movie?

In fact, yes, that’s exactly what drawing is.

Ask yourself, “what’s being drawn by a drawing, by any drawing?

What’s being drawn?

The answer is: YOU, or US. WE are being drawn.

Our ATTENTION, that is.

Our attention is being drawn to something that matters.

Let’s put it this way:

A drawing draws us, our attention, to a place (or to something) that needs a closer look, to something that needs our attention. We’re drawn to a place in an environment (mental or digital) where we’re going to take a closer look, where we’re shown what needs to be known, in a way that is clear and can be understood.

More thoughts on this, and what it implies for media’s innovation and development, for the future of media, here:

Seriously, really, what IS “drawing”?



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