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I’m not done yet. 

The fusion of drawings in models is 7 years old now:

More examples here:

Since I conceived of this fusion and worked on the team that first commercialized it in 2012, now seven software companies are doing automatic drawing-model fusion: Bentley, Graphisoft (in BIMx Docs), Dalux, Revizto, working together: Morpholio and Shapr3D, and now Tekla too. These 7 implementations, by 7 different companies, of the idea of drawing-model fusion, are baby steps. An essential beginning, but there is everything yet to come.

The idea of fusion contrasts with innovation that favors one or the other, modeling or drawing. Siloed improvements to either one of those are in some cases significant, but incremental, and the limits of their siloed impact are already in view. Innovations following from fusion on the other hand present a deeper horizon; there’s a lot more ground to cover between where we are now, and the horizon where their limit is reached.

Fusion, of drawings in models (of all kinds), and the evolution of drawing’s form once resident there in-situ, within models, is going to be a highly productive innovation space, with impact that matters in terms of aiding our ability to see and understand, think and unfold our thoughts, design and build, communicate and act. Fusion is a worthwhile space for dedicated research and development, both technically and culturally.

Last year I wrote, and I give away for free, the Tangerine Media Innovation Spec 2018, a book for software developers. It describes in detail a forthcoming second generation of drawing-model fusion (it blows the doors off the first generation implementations). The Tangerine Spec is a step by step written specification that any software company is free to use however they wish. 

The Spec is in the form of written instructions and some diagrams. But it’s not actually visualized.

That’s about to change. I’m mocking it up on my new iPad.

Get ready!


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