Rigging for Insight

Lets distinguish models from drawings. Models are spatial whole environments. Their medium is mental model, physical model , and more recently digital model . With computers and software, to mental and physical models the digital medium has been added, not as a replacement for physical and mental models, but as a supplement, as an assist. [...]

Your Models are Fuzzy

Your models are fuzzy. You know that, right? Imagine a thing. Hold a mental model of it in your mind. Try doing this, for any thing. Say, the bicycle you ride, or the car you drive, or your dog. Imagine this thing. Develop a model of it in your mind, and reflect on it. Your [...]

Interaction >> Interpretation >> Action

Interaction >> Interpretation >> Action This short document has a simple purpose: to encourage useful software development in the architecture, engineering, construction industry via clearer methods of interaction with models, in order to move faster from model interaction, to insight, to action. There is no reason to aim low. The industry needs good, solid, useful [...]

Industry discourse will liberate itself once it self-liberates from its own obsessive idea that drawing is a chain to break free from

https://parametricmonkey.com/2020/09/02/rethinking-revit-our-stockholm-syndrome/ An interesting article but in some ways very familiar. We’ve heard some of these assumptions it seems since, like forever: “The question should never have been, “how can we document a project better?” Instead, it should have been, “how can we design and construct buildings better?”“ “...BIM are merely digitalising old ways of working. [...]

“Drawing is dying”, it is said

This idea should finally be retired, just like the idea that silent movies should remain silent, that movies should NOT have sound synchronized into them. That actually was an argument, made by none other than Jack Warner, the Jack Warner, of Warner Brothers, in 1926: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_film#CommerceHe was wrong and soon found out. The "keep models and drawings separate" idea has dominated [...]

On Exactitude in Science

Something that in my opinion should be brought into view, it's happening to some extent now, but still only scratches the surface of what will come, from the fusion, of what we know as “drawing” (which many people wish to kick down the back stair; (because) they don’t know what they’re talking about) and, everything that's understood [...]

getting rid of…

What's written today about digital modeling software, and the process of using it, for design and construction of buildings and such things, seems always, as it has for 20 years now, to be about getting rid of things. If digital modeling of a building is to live up to the promises made, the promises made [...]