Thinking Together – The First Step – A Call to Attention

Achtung Baby! Atten-Hut! I went looking for movie clips of soldiers called to attention. This one's funny. You can't argue with (the great) Christopher Walken: Do I make myself clear?Sergeant Merwin J Toomey The particular formalities of military communication are interesting. But it's the impetus for them I'm interested in. What basic [...]

Letter from a reader

An end of year post. There are positive signs of a purposeful coming new year. I wish this for everyone. All of us. I meet people who read this blog sometimes and I'm always amazed. This year, more people read the blog than any previous year. I'm grateful to everyone who reads it. Even better [...]

The Future of Technical Drawing

Why talk about technical drawing at all? Why think about its past, or reflect on its current state? Why try to envision its future? Or imagine it even has a future, when it's typical these days -- it seems part of the standard discourse in some circles -- to dismiss the future of technical drawing, [...]

TGN: a framework for further interpretation by machine cognition – and human interaction with cognitive systems, applied against spatial digital models, via deepQA apps.

MACHINE LEARNING / AI COGNITIVE PART 2 PART 1, the evolution of drawing and its fusion within modeled environments, TGN, may have a secondary effect, on cognitive computing. The purpose of media is to support the thought process, to help us understand things. Media will continue evolving for this purpose. Tangerine’s TGN Spec, will play an [...]

TGN Critique

There are flaws, omissions, and things not completed in the TGN software development specification. But these are getting worked out as more conversations develop. Things will really get worked out when developers start building TGN into their apps. That's a highlight of this year, actually. I no longer look for ONE software company to build [...]

Rigging for Insight

Lets distinguish models from drawings. Models are spatial whole environments. Their medium is mental model, physical model , and more recently digital model . With computers and software, to mental and physical models the digital medium has been added, not as a replacement for physical and mental models, but as a supplement, as an assist. [...]

Your Models are Fuzzy

Your models are fuzzy. You know that, right? Imagine a thing. Hold a mental model of it in your mind. Try doing this, for any thing. Say, the bicycle you ride, or the car you drive, or your dog. Imagine this thing. Develop a model of it in your mind, and reflect on it. Your [...]