Giant Steps

Last year I wrote a book. Here it is with download links: Tangerine Media Innovation Spec 2018. Chapter 3 of the book is a specification for software developers that I give away for free to the world. It represents Generation 2 of drawing-model fusion. Gen2 (like Gen1) promises a real improvement for AEC users in a very [...]

10 Years Gone

I found an old software demo I made. I thought the video was lost but I just found it on an old USB drive in a box of old drives. It's more than 10 years old now, from 2008. In 2008 I'd already been making BIM models and creating drawing sets from BIMs since 1998. So [...]

A flood of new innovation

9 years ago, January 2010, I filed the first patent application for hypermodel (the automatic fusion of drawings inside models). That work was commercialized in a CAD/BIM platform in 2012 and since implemented in unique ways by 5 other software companies. That first patent and two others were granted in 2015 and 2016. Links to [...]

The limits of “BIM”

Digital 3D modeling as it is used in the design and construction industry (and similar industries) has obvious and great value. However, decades of evidence show that its value is commonly overstated, and that the farther one travels down the path established so far for BIM (or for "digital twins"), the farther one gets from [...]

What is Tangerine, actually?

I've been writing about "Tangerine" for, it's been 3 years now. A friend informs me that, though she's seen Tangerine's website, she has no idea, actually, what Tangerine is. Yes, that's funny and obviously no suprise. I haven't known what Tangerine is or is supposed to be at times either. It's been a work in progress. [...]