Legal Implications of Models and Drawings

Tangerine is moving from idea and vision, to reality, thanks to the encouragement of many people like Mark Loomis. Mark's been interested in ideas for many years. He sent me the following email the other day, which I greatly appreciate. With his permission I include it here in this post. Mark writes: Hi Rob, I … Continue reading Legal Implications of Models and Drawings

Drawings Support Thought and Understanding

I was asked to comment on this tweet! I'm happy that someone (thank you Ryan Schultz!) asks me to comment. I appreciate that very much. I know that for many years now -- we've lost count, right?  -- has it been about 15 years now since this idea of 'getting rid of drawings' started circulating, … Continue reading Drawings Support Thought and Understanding

Figuring out the inscrutable Very interesting, and the sounds go perfectly. In a unique way the technique makes the point that all things are pretty much inscrutable, but by looking at the inscrutable in various ways, we can build up a workable (productive) understanding. Make no mistake, if you look at the whole of the model without the … Continue reading Figuring out the inscrutable

C O G N I T I O N — I G N I T I O N

The future will be a C O G N I T I O N -- I G N I T I O N ...5 …4 …3 …2 …1 …IGNITION …and lift off, we have lift off [Light my Fire -- The Doors] The fire of cognition will come from... Immersing Cognitive Systems in New Media: At Tangerine, … Continue reading C O G N I T I O N — I G N I T I O N

3D is not ‘2D 2.0’

“Perhaps you should consider letting this into your mind: 3D is not '2D 2.0' … it’s a difference in medium, different things, different purpose.” My good friend on Linkedin, Hans Lammerts made that comment today and included two of my posts: Seriously, really, what IS "drawing"? The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s … Continue reading 3D is not ‘2D 2.0’

A Media innovation spec, and cognitive systems

At Tangerine, we're seeking a software company partner that shares our interest in two things: A Media Innovation Spec  At Tangerine, my company since early 2016, I’ve conceptualized and specified a new set of innovations extending the concept of drawing-model fusion. Previously, and built from that concept, I have 3 patents (owned by my former … Continue reading A Media innovation spec, and cognitive systems

The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s energy

The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s energy, wasting opportunity to develop significant innovation. The opportunity is wasted because the entire “debate” is founded on conceptual error. When we make technical drawings, construction drawings, or even conceptual sketches (see thoughts on Picasso Plain Bull here ), what we’re doing is narrowing down, focusing … Continue reading The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s energy

“Drawing” is the act of taking a closer look

"Drawing" is the act of taking a closer look. I think that's really the best way of describing it that I can come up with. It creates a problem for some people though, a self-created problem. Many people, certain kinds of tech enthusiasts usually (strange as it may seem if you think about it, though … Continue reading “Drawing” is the act of taking a closer look

Wanna see a movie?

"Wanna see a movie?" Sure I do! It's a funny word, "movie". You know why they're called "movies": because they move. Pictures that move. Moving picture. Motion Picture. Many words are like this: so familiar that we don't think of them so simply. We don't think about what they are, why they're called what they're called. … Continue reading Wanna see a movie?

Seriously, really, what IS “drawing”?

Have you ever thought about what drawing is? Seriously, really. What IS it? I mean this not in the sense of your job, if you’re an architect, an engineer, a builder.... I don’t intend the question in the sense of “some work task I have to get done, that I’ll be relieved of when done; … Continue reading Seriously, really, what IS “drawing”?