The purpose of media is to support the thought process, to help us understand things. Media will continue evolving for this purpose. Tangerine’s Spec will play an important part in making media a more energetic and able companion to thought and understanding, and will do so both for human, and machine, cognition.

This, Chapter 3 in 12 Sections, is Tangerine’s Media Innovation Spec 2018, dedicated to everyone who makes drawings or models of any kind for any reason in any field.

Modeling and drawing go together like Led Zeppelin and bell bottom jeans. Like desert roads and motorcycles. Like the earth and the sun. They’re inseparable.

Today’s digital modeled environments are crying out, loudly, for a re-envisioning of what “drawing” is, a re-invention released from the constraints of the traditional form of drawing, that carries forward the essential function of drawing, expressing it innately within today’s digital worlds, in a new form that’s more effective, more communicative, more catalytic of human thought. Our Spec does this. It specifies, in detail, a next-generation evolution of the expression of the essential function of “drawing”, through equipment for “taking a closer look“, built-in within modeled environments of any kind, including within photo-model fusion environments. It breaks from the traditional definitive constraints of drawing, while carrying forward and expressing its essence by making full and appropriate use of the possibilities of today’s digital visualization capabilities. The spec is here offered to any software developers who wish to make use of these ideas within their own software products, apps, applications and media platforms.

Better Media for Better Understanding. That is the purpose of Tangerine’s Media Innovation Spec 2018, the reason for its existence: to spur evolution in digital media, to make media a better, more energetic and able companion to thought and understanding, through a more full and complete understanding of the legacies involved, through a clear understanding of what drawing actually is, what modeling actually is, and from this, recognition of the possibilities of their fusion in digital media, mirroring their innate fusion that has always been, innate within the mind.

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Tangerine’s Media Innovation Spec 2018 will have a secondary effect, on cognitive computing.