Tangerine will help your software company develop new media that we envision and facilitate — Tangerine Media: richly correlative, multi-data-type, spatial, visual environments that inherently support and amplify the ping-ponging between the “pings” of narrowed articulate focus, and the “pong” of the whole of an environment, therefore well and truly advancing human thinking, understanding, expression and communication (Understanding Comes from Ping-Ponging)

Tangerine’s New Media (built on new innovations eclipsing earlier innovation) provides a richer field for human thinking and understanding, while at the same time, it provides a new field for the application of cognitive computingTangerine’s new innovations blow the doors off the earlier innovation, surpassing it in scope, elegance, potential, and power, and are premised now on a fundamentally different approach that untethers the new work from the previous patents. The new innovations make the earlier patents obsolete and irrelevant.

Thought and understanding don’t happen without ping-ponging, and so an industry committed to the replacement (metaphorically), of pings (drawing), by an ever larger pong (model), is missing the point and standing on ground undermined by basic conceptual error.

Tangerine is a consultant to software companies interested in the evolution of media itself. Rob Snyder, the founder of Tangerine, was the “intellectual progenitor” of software functionality, which Bentley Systems released in its software products in May 2012 under the marketing name “hypermodel”. In fall of 2013, the same capability was released by a competitor, Graphisoft (Nemetschek), as “BIMx Hyper-Models”

The essential function is to automatically display drawings in-situ at their correct locations within 3D models, as shown in examples here: https://tangerinefocus.com/media-innovations/

But that’s the past.

The future of spatial visual media is going to be driven by a reinterpretation and fusion of what “drawing” is (conceptually and functionally) with what modeling is (conceptually and functionally). Drawing is the technique and articulate expression of narrowing focus, while modeling is the presentation of the wide expanse of the whole of an environment. Thinking and understanding (which are the point after all) come from a ping-ponging back and forth between those conceptual poles: the pings of narrowed articulate focus, and the pong of the whole of an environment. This ping ponging can be amplified, by the set of new media innovations that Tangerine envisions. Here’s a brief discussion: Understanding Comes from Ping-Ponging

History guides. A good analogy is the fusion, 100 years ago, of sound into silent film, which fused one medium into another, transforming both, and creating something new, greater than the sum of the parts.

Let’s build the future of media. Tangerine envisions a set of innovations that are as consequential to media, to human thinking, expression, communication, and understanding, as the fusion of sound into film was a century ago.

Users will see value in all industries dealing with spatial visual data environments. We believe our work will contribute to computer vision, with application in industrial, entertainment, and healthcare applications, and may contribute to general artificial intelligence. Tangerine’s media innovations will be applicable in all kinds of spatial (“3D”) digital media and the various kinds of hybrid visual data environments, with applicability across all common display types including desktop and mobile standard display, projection, and VR and AR systems with or without eyeware.

If you are interested in Tangerine helping your company develop the future of media, please Contact us.

Please see further discussion of why we do what we do here: The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s energy

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