We’re making a film about the nature of thinking.

It occurred to me to interview people and ask them to show and explain what they are communicating with their own drawings and why that matters, and how it’s done and so on. Please see further commentary about why we ask these questions, here: The “drawing vs model” debate is wasting this industry’s energy

But also more generally:

We interview interesting people on camera about their own thoughts. Whatever your field of work and whatever your area of interest, we ask:

  1. What do you think about?
  2. Describe your thoughts, in whole and in part
    (whole): expansive, conceptual, broad, wide
    (part): narrow, focused, illustrating example, detail…
  3. Describe the interaction between whole and part in your thinking

The subject of the film: thinking (as the interplay between whole and part, wide and narrow, which seems to be at or near the root of cognition itself), is inspired by Tangerine’s earlier work, innovations in media, described here: Tangerine [3]

Our media innovation work continues as Tangerine collaborates with other software companies: Consulting Services – Advancing the Evolution of Media, and also, using that as new ground, as we move into new developments in cognitive computing: Connecting Cognitive Systems to Better Media.