WHY, WHAT, and HOW we will build the open source TGN Core feature set of the broader Attention Focusing Rigs (AFR) concept in all modeling software:

AEC models are very complex. So why would we stop innovating on our lens for looking at them? Why stop, especially given all the graphics capability supplied by 30+ years of radical innovation in digital modeling? Better equipment for investigating these models ONLY MAKES SENSE. Because with better AFR equipment, a better lens, we can see, think, communicate, and understand better. Ask better questions, and get better answers. OR AT LEAST: ask clearer questions and get clearer answers.

Modeled environments are extremely complex oceans of information, and the methods/techniques for interpreting them have evolved, to date, inadequately. There are various things like ML and AR/MR and so on (see notes on AI here), but a generalized approach to sense-making in complex digital environments remains underdeveloped. Digitally that is. The analog techniques, old as they are, are well developed and effective.

This document is a software development specification that addresses the problem. The purpose of the proposed development is to make things clear through ATTENTION-FOCUSING rigs, TGN rigs, within modeled digital environments.

Improved mechanisms of attention-focusing interactive close study of digital models (including digital twins), through TGN rigs, make user engagement with complex data more effective, more interactive, more clarifying, more communicative and expressive, and more revealing of insight. TGN might even bring the fun back into serious technical work by elevating the level of interpretive engagement in digital media.

It also provides a framework for further interpretation by machine cognition and human interaction with cognitive systems, applied against spatial digital models, via deepQA apps.

Here’s a peak at the future form of visual engagement with digital models of all kinds, the future of attentive focus, and the future of technical drawing. A new TGN demo. Note the controlled visual interplay, the introspection at multiple levels (side to side, and between model and overlay). After the demo stops you can imagine the back and forth interplay continues… Use your imagination! 

Want TGN built into YOUR favorite modeling applications? Contact me at the links below in the footer.

TGN features are for ALL apps, for every developer willing to deploy open source TGN in their modeling or drawing apps…

TGN: AFR’s Standardized Open Source Core Features

1. Admin Features of TGN rigs
2. TGN rig volume/scope box
3. Cinematic camera rigging, built-in (resolving to parallel projection at center
4. Rig UI
5. Filter Pegs
6. Style Pegs
7. Facility for extra graphics
8. Rig sharing – TGN rigs are portable from one modeling app to another

Attention technique TGN OPEN CODE, a package that expresses:

1/ in a coordinate system in a model

2/ within a scope/bounding box (or more complex volume)

3/ looking at the designated target face(s) of the scope from the “normal direction”

4/ which is one direction among many relevant directions of view (so, with UI for controlled view variation) – cinematic camera rigging built-in to the attention focusing rigs within model

5/ with the model/twin filtered by relevant filtering criteria

6/ with some style of display applied

7/ with some clarifying remarks or graphics added (authored within the TGN rigs or displayed in the rigs via external link)

8/ and with this feature package shareable with adequate fidelity to other modeling apps

Here are:

  • links to the AFR/TGN specification
    • AFR is the broader unlimited concept.
    • TGN is AFR’s minimum standardizable core feature set.
  • and discussion of TGN’s features written for developers and users alike:


TGN Rigs, rigging models for insight, clarity, interpretive power, communication

Download the TGN developer specification, a roadmap for the evolution of the expression of focused attention within digital models of all kinds (all apps, all platforms). In other words, the evolution and future of technical drawing. TGN Rigs are rigging for insight. They empower users to rig their models for clarity, rigging for interpretive power, putting real FORCE behind thinking while modeling, while building. 

Use TGN Rigs as an engine of interpretation, a vehicle of communication. TGN is your vehicle, baby. A machine of insight. An algorithm of understanding.

The TGN developer spec is for free to anyone who wants it. A free book. Download

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (Apple Book)

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (ePub)

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (iCloud)

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (PDF)


TGN 2023 Intro:


Narrated demo:

04 TGN: portability  (5:17)

05 TGN: industry value  (9:27)

(the dev platform I mention in the videos is iTwins.js, but TGN can be developed on every platform where TGN is useful and desired)

TGN is a framework for Attention-Focusing Rigs (AFRs and their open source standardized core feature set, TGN) within modeled environments of all kinds, with portability of rigs from app to app, platform to platform.

TGN is a framework for developing the equipment needed to make sense of and clarify complex digital modeled worlds both during their creation (design) and use (construction and operations). 

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