getting rid of…

What's written today about digital modeling software, and the process of using it, for design and construction of buildings and such things, seems always, as it has for 20 years now, to be about getting rid of things. If digital modeling of a building is to live up to the promises made, the promises made [...]

Drawing and Models are Interdependent

there's a part of the solution that's rarely talked about (so far). It involves putting blame where it belongs: with software companies. More specifically, on their failure to recognize the essential difference between drawing and modeling and their fundamental interdependence. I describe this here: Drawing, to Draw your attention and with more detail on the [...]

Drawing, to Draw your attention

That’s what drawings do. They draw your attention to something you need to see, something that helps you understand. Sounds simple, but it’s not. There are a lot of things that have to happen for anyone to understand anything. That’s true in everyday life whenever you’re trying to figure out what’s going on with anything [...]

Creative Again

I’m not done yet.  The fusion of drawings in models is 7 years old now: More examples here: Since I conceived of this fusion and worked on the team that first commercialized it in 2012, now seven software companies are doing automatic drawing-model fusion: Bentley, Graphisoft (in BIMx Docs), Dalux, Revizto, working together: [...]

Giant Steps

Last year I wrote a book. Here it is with download links: Tangerine Media Innovation Spec 2018. Chapter 3 of the book is a specification for software developers that I give away for free to the world. It represents Generation 2 of drawing-model fusion. Gen2 (like Gen1) promises a real improvement for AEC users in a very [...]