A flood of new innovation

9 years ago, January 2010, I filed the first patent application for hypermodel (the automatic fusion of drawings inside models). That work was commercialized in a CAD/BIM platform in 2012 and since implemented in unique ways by 5 other software companies. That first patent and two others were granted in 2015 and 2016. Links to … Continue reading A flood of new innovation

The limits of “BIM”

Digital 3D modeling as it is used in the design and construction industry (and similar industries) has obvious and great value. However, decades of evidence show that its value is commonly overstated, and that the farther one travels down the path established so far for BIM (or for "digital twins"), the farther one gets from … Continue reading The limits of “BIM”

What is Tangerine, actually?

I've been writing about "Tangerine" for, it's been 3 years now. A friend informs me that, though she's seen Tangerine's website, she has no idea, actually, what Tangerine is. Yes, that's funny and obviously no suprise. I haven't known what Tangerine is or is supposed to be at times either. It's been a work in progress. … Continue reading What is Tangerine, actually?

Better Media:>> Better Thinking (both human and machine thinking)

The ideas in my book (free on Apple Books, and in PDF for download), when used and implemented by software companies, will change/evolve the nature of "drawing" (the nature of its expression, changing the way that we "draw attention to", "take a closer look"), as well as the nature of drawing's fusion within models, moving … Continue reading Better Media:>> Better Thinking (both human and machine thinking)

the future of AEC software – an opinion

I have an opinion about the current state, and the future, of software serving the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Is that OK, to have an opinion if I back it up? Software companies serving or entering the AEC industry are situated, at rest or in motion, at different positions on what I'm sure … Continue reading the future of AEC software – an opinion

Using Models on the Construction Site

I've been working on a construction site  for two weeks now, after 12 years developing BIMs (models) and construction drawings at several Architecture firms, and 8 years working at a software company that provides software that enables this. Two weeks on the construction site is not enough time to form a complete picture of the … Continue reading Using Models on the Construction Site

Legal Implications of Models and Drawings

Tangerine is moving from idea and vision, to reality, thanks to the encouragement of many people like Mark Loomis. Mark's been interested in ideas for many years. He sent me the following email the other day, which I greatly appreciate. With his permission I include it here in this post. Mark writes: Hi Rob, I … Continue reading Legal Implications of Models and Drawings

Drawings Support Thought and Understanding

I was asked to comment on this tweet! I'm happy that someone (thank you Ryan Schultz!) asks me to comment. I appreciate that very much. I know that for many years now -- we've lost count, right?  -- has it been about 15 years now since this idea of 'getting rid of drawings' started circulating, … Continue reading Drawings Support Thought and Understanding

Figuring out the inscrutable Very interesting, and the sounds go perfectly. In a unique way the technique makes the point that all things are pretty much inscrutable, but by looking at the inscrutable in various ways, we can build up a workable (productive) understanding. Make no mistake, if you look at the whole of the model without the … Continue reading Figuring out the inscrutable

C O G N I T I O N — I G N I T I O N

The future will be a C O G N I T I O N -- I G N I T I O N ...5 …4 …3 …2 …1 …IGNITION …and lift off, we have lift off [Light my Fire -- The Doors] The fire of cognition will come from... Immersing Cognitive Systems in New Media: At Tangerine, … Continue reading C O G N I T I O N — I G N I T I O N