I’m Rob Snyder. I write software development specifications for software companies.

I invented “hypermodel”: conceived of the concept of the automatic fusion of drawings in-situ within models, persuaded the company to develop it, was a key part of the team that designed and managed its implementation. I present some highlights of my work here: Earlier Media Innovations (2012)

AEC models are very complex. So why would we stop innovating our lens for looking at them? Why stop, especially given all the graphics capability supplied by 30+ years of radical innovation in digital modeling? Better equipment for investigating these models ONLY MAKES SENSE. Because with better AFR equipment, a better lens, we can see, think, communicate, and understand better. Ask better questions, and get better answers. OR AT LEAST: ask clearer questions and get clearer answers.

WHY, WHAT, and HOW we will build the open source TGN Core feature set of the broader Attention Focusing Rigs (AFR) concept in all modeling software:


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