[Tangerine] empowers human (and machine) understanding of complex spatial digital environments, through innovations in media itself.

Thinking, Understanding, and Media, these are Tangerine’s focus.

Most people would say it’s pretty obvious that understanding comes from thinking. What’s a little less obvious is that there is an immediate relationship between media, and the process of thinking. This relationship is an area for important innovation.

We can empower thinking, and understanding, of complex spatial and visual digital information, through new kinds of innovations in media itself. These innovations can be inspired by observations about the nature of thinking.

Thinking seems to involve a looping back and forth, some kind of ping-ponging between concept formation and detail recognition. Perhaps more generally we can say, thinking seems to involve an oscillation back and forth between the wide expanse of something whole, and the narrowing act of articulate focus. The back and forth builds something synergetic between environmental whole and focused perception, between whole and part, where neither whole nor part has meaning without the other, where meaning grows in the back and forth. We write about this here: The Future of Media – Background Concepts

In pursuit of these interests, Tangerine works in three areas:

  • We’re doing a film project, studying the nature of thinking through interviews with people who think: Documentary Film
  • We’re consulting to software companies regarding next-gen innovations in spatial digital media: Consulting Services – advancing the evolution of media Tangerine can be a valuable partner to every software company interested in the future of media, and, for those who’ve followed us before, our new concepts far surpass our earlier work.

We’re excited about steady progress this year in each of these areas.

If you’d like to partner with us, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Please Contact Us