I am Rob Snyder. I write software development specifications for software companies. At the moment I’m searching for a software company to pioneer my TGN proposal. The TGN proposal and spec comes from my earlier life building BIMs and creating construction drawings at architecture firms. Years ago that got me into software. I proposed automatic fusion of all construction drawings in-situ at true orientation within BIMs. That led to my invitation to work at Bentley Systems leading the management of the development of “hypermodel”, released in 2012 in MicroStation. The concept has since been repeated by at least 8 other software companies.

My new TGN proposal is the second generation evolution of that earlier work.



Truth is I don’t know if TGN will happen or not. It needs enthusiastic open source advocates and decision makers at software companies who see the potential and want to improve things.

It’s going to take some luck.

I keep knocking on doors.


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