Tangerine Makes Insight Tangible

A FRAMEWORK FOR THE EVOLUTION OF DRAWING: TANGERINE MEDIA INNOVATION SPEC 2018 – with updates proposed here: Tangerine 2021 Model Interpretation Techniques

Drawing – Model Fusion

Regarding the snapshot above, …that fusion of drawing within model is something that architects, engineers, and builders are doing all the time anyway, necessarily. If your software is not doing the fusion for you, then you’re doing it anyway as a mental exercise, unassisted. 

You do it because you have to. You imagine your drawings within the model in order to understand the drawings. Likewise, the reason you draw (or read) drawings to begin with is to move your understanding of a model beyond superficiality. This is true for any kind of model: mental, physical, or digital.

Deliver models in a new way: with equipment built in that enables and expresses the act of taking a closer look, of articulating and communicating what matters, within models themselves. What does it mean to have such equipment built-in? That’s illustrated in the book: TANGERINE MEDIA INNOVATION SPEC 2018 with new updates proposed here: Tangerine 2021 Model Interpretation Techniques

Fusion will be the primary engine of software and media innovation for the foreseeable future. Fusion, combining the narrowing and focusing act of taking a closer look (aka “drawing”) into the wider expanse of an information environment (aka “modeling”), elevates the effectiveness of media, raising it closer to its purpose: the facilitation of thought and understanding. And more. Fusion sets the foundation necessary for evolution in the medium of drawing itself, an evolution in drawing’s form, the form of its expression.

Fusion and evolution create possibilities for greater freedom in creative expression, greater precision in technical communication, clearer conveyance of idea, greater interaction between wide and narrow, whole and part, environment and focus, conception and realization, surface and essence.

In general, media fusion, and the evolution in form that follows from it, offers the possibility of decreased cognitive slippage, for improved traction in the development of thought, a more effective medium for cognitive development and uptake, for human and machine cognition alike.

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