STILL talking about drawings

5 years ago last month I moderated a discussion at a tech conference and was asked a question about the relation of drawings and models. I talked about the utility of each and their fusion (drawings overlayed in models). While I answered, someone yelled:

“I can’t believe that in 2014 at a tech conference we’re STILL talking about drawings”.

The person believed that drawings should be abandoned. 

So 5 years later, the industry is still talking about drawings, and you see again why. Because drawing is a technique we use for helping us understand models.  Here is one of the best presentations I’ve seen: AU Revizto McCarthy presentation 2019

  • notice at 18:21 and
  • 1:19:12 through 1:20:53
  • along with the entire presentation (10 out of 10)

Understanding complex models — without technique for looking closely at them (aka: drawing) — just leaves us lost in the woods, trying to find our way through an avalanche of information, and having no gear, no bearings, no snow shoes, no orientation, and having no idea where to go, gaining no traction. The wind blows. The glare blinds. And we’re left there. Hopeless.

Drawing won’t abandon us, and we won’t abandon drawing. On the contrary, the relation is strengthening. And will evolve. There is way more yet to come.

WAY more.

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