TGN: cross-platform attention-focusing rigs in modeled environments

TGN rigs

At Tangerine we’ve been busy this year. Our previous work has matured into “TGN rigs”, which we think of as “rigging for insight” within your models. Models are elaborate and complex environments, and everyone needs help grappling with them, interpreting and making sense of them.  

This demo video gives a preview of some of the TGN functionality we’ve specified this year. 

We’re tired of silos

Most importantly, we’re tired of silos, and single app solutions. And so are you. TGNs are for everyone, everywhere, through implementation into YOUR modeling applications and platforms.

Commercial and opensource development partners wanted

Tangerine is seeking development partners, both commercial and opensource, and users, who want TGN functions developed in their favorite modeling environments. All developers interested in TGN integration in their apps may also be interested in ideas about standardized TGN core functions developed by a TGN Consortium that may come to be (let’s discuss it). Standardization of core TGN functions will enable cross-app and cross-platform portability (sharing of TGNs from one app to another). At the same time, domain-unique TGN enhancements may extend on top of the standard core, unique to various TGN development projects. 

If you’re interested message me here on LinkedIn or find my email contact here: 

Background philosophy (1 page)

For those who like background discussion:  

Demo credits!

Tremendous thanks to Sam Rice, principal visualization and creative talent, for translating a 35 page technical specification and numerous wandering conversations into the demo you see here, which in my opinion is on target 🎯

TGN is:

  1. a (proposed, specified) data format that can be supported within any modeling app or platform (if users want it, they can have it)
  2. a data container and a set of graphics area control functions 
  3. Each TGN acts as an attention-focusing rig within a modeled environment, through: 
    1. a defined bounding volume
    2. a built-in viewing path with a camera motion control
    3. viz settings:
      1. model filtering (by classification or search criteria)
      2. style preferences
      3. related items including extra graphics
  4. TGN portability across all apps that support the TGN format via:
    1. TGN Consortium managed standardization of TGN core functions
    2. TGN GUID
    3. Call to model source 
    4. TGNs supported in both managed and unmanaged environments

TGN is for everyone, everywhere. 

Insight doesn’t grow on trees, but TGNs do. These attention-focusing rigs make complex modeled environments more accessible, interpretable, consumable (digestible)

Tangerine (TGN) 🍊

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