The “get rid of drawings” premise is unfounded, backed by no reality

The “get rid of drawings” premise is unfounded, a premise backed by no reality. 

The absence of foundation is due not only to the pragmatics of professional practice; it’s even worse than that. The lack of foundation is fundamental. 

The idea that we should operate within visual spatial modeled (or even real) environments, without the means to articulate our attentive focus in those environments, is self-defeating and counterproductive. We should regard the idea as counter (hostile) to thinking about models, counter to understanding models. 

The idea (“get rid of drawings”) undermines and proposes to eliminate essential activity — attentive focus, and the interplay dynamic between environment and focus — that’s at or near the root of cognition itself, undercutting the basic observable dynamic of thought itself.

It’s an extreme idea because it posits the greatest possible risk (destruction of thinking, loss of understanding), for no discernible trade in return, and without evidence in support of itself of any kind, let alone the extraordinary evidence extraordinary claims require.

Yet the claim is repeated for the last 20 years always failing to take itself (the claim), or anything else, seriously.

Drawing’s FORM should evolve though

Ever felt your understanding slipping away from your models? 

Need to sink your claws back into them? 

Support the TGN open source development proposal for all modeling apps here:

Contact me if you’d like to discuss this and/or support it with development resources or funding contribution to the proposed open source development project. 

Prominent developers and end users have expressed their support. We need a tipping point to push this proposal from wanting to doing.

The pitch is that the open source TGN core built for use by all (in all softwares) reduces cost for everyone, enforces TGN core standardization, quality, and portability, and avoids everyone having to build the same core from scratch on their own.

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