Jack Warner in 1926 preferred silent film over sound film (fusion). Was he right? 

Jack Warner in 1926 preferred silent film over sound film (fusion). Was he right? 


…if a platform is able to merge the benefit of the diagram with the understanding of the model it’s feasible, but this ecosystem in a usable and versatile system seems to be a pipe dream at this point :/

I specified the pipe dream here:


This will bring the dream to your favorite modeling software and ultimately to all model-handling software.

A preeminent open source developer wants to build TGN. We need sponsors/funding from end user firms and/or from software companies.

An open source development proposal for triple fusion:

  • models/
  • attentive focus, i.e., “drawing”/
  • cinematic camera rigging:

First gen fusion

There are 9 commercial; softwares now that I know of that do automated drawing-model fusion. I list them here:

These are all implementations of first gen drawing-model fusion. 

Fusion v2.0

AFR/TGN is v2.0 fusion. It evolves the form of expression of the fusion, and its communicative power. It also breaks down app/platform and format silo barriers to fusion portability.

I talk with some of these 9 companies, the ones that do the first gen fusion, about upgrading their fusion piece with TGN. This will improve user engagement with (their) models, elevate user interpretation and understanding of models, and get more people better engaged with more models. 

As the TGN open source core is supported by more and more developers in more and more modeling softwares, the fusion siloes will continue to be broken down, further compelling user engagement. with models. The outcome is amplified quality of engagement with models and greater desire among more people for more engagement with more models.

A higher quality of engagement, through a less superficial, higher quality FORM of Engagement, TGN leads to more use of more models by more people for more purposes, leading to better quality models and higher return on engagement for everyone.

TGN is for everyone. It’s very close now to its first open source development.

Contact me if you’d like to support this.

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