What drawing does for mental models, TGN does for digital models

AFR/TGN is proposed software development that will do FOR DIGITAL MODELS what technical drawing did (for centuries) FOR MENTAL MODELS.

    is attention-focusing device (or rig/technique – tangible, durable, shareable) FOR MENTAL MODELS.
  2. AFR/TGN
    is attention-focusing device (or rig/technique – tangible, durable, shareable) FOR DIGITAL MODELS.


TGN is proposed as open source development suitable for implementation in ALL model-handling softwares.

A TGN user community should be stood up to define, evolve, and manage the TGN specification and its implementations.

A preeminent open source developer is interested in developing TGN in its toolkit. A search begins for resources for this open source project. If you have developers (for TGN implementation in your apps and/or for TGN open source core features development), or funds to contribute to the TGN open source development project, discussions are beginning about how to manage this now. Contact me if you’d like to discuss contributing to TGN open source development:

Proposed Developer Specification and Demo:

TGN demo, starting at (12:02) in my talk at BIM Coordinator Summit 2022 Dublin:


Un-narrated demo:

TGN: AFR’s Standardized Open Source Core Features

1. Admin Features of TGN rigs
2. TGN rig volume/scope box
3. Cinematic camera rigging, built-in
4. Rig UI
5. Filter Pegs
6. Style Pegs
7. Facility for extra graphics
8. Rig sharing – TGN rigs are portable from one modeling app to another

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