“Drawing is dying”, it is said

This idea should finally be retired, just like the idea that silent movies should remain silent, that movies should NOT have sound synchronized into them. That actually was an argument, made by none other than Jack Warner, the Jack Warner, of Warner Brothers, in 1926: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_film#Commerce
He was wrong and soon found out.

The “keep models and drawings separate” idea has dominated the last 20 years. But it’s game over now. The right answer, FUSION, is proven by Revizto definitively: https://tangerinefocus.com/2019/12/14/still-talking-about-drawings/

AU Revizto McCarthy presentation 2019

  • notice at 18:21 and 
  • 1:19:12 through 1:20:53
  • along with the entire presentation (10 out of 10)

It’s a tidal wave. 2019 proved that drawing-model fusion IS a killer app, and is already very widely used in the industry in construction. Uptake is no longer in doubt, and now drawing-model fusion will just expand, everywhere. Tipping point has been reached.

Earlier fusion work: https://tangerinefocus.com/tangerine-2/earlier-media-innovations/

Future fusion evolution: https://tangerinefocus.com/tangerine-2/tangerine-media-innovation-spec-2018/

Reports of drawing’s death are greatly exaggerated. Drawing is as compelling as ever, and as (or more) needed than ever. And the need is permanent. Drawing is one of two poles, the interplay between which IS thinking itself. The poles are:
[wide and narrow]
[environment and focus]
[peripheral and concentrating]
[model and “drawing”]

Drawing is: a highly evolved and effective technique for looking at, and helping you understand, both mental models and digital models.

  • drawing’s traditional form: drawing on media separated from models, with fusion (of drawings into models) carried out as a mental process only. Note that it is this fusion process, this interplay, this back and forth between model and drawing that literally IS thinking. In the interplay, thinking happens, understanding grows. Understanding of both, model and drawing.
  • drawing’s new form: drawing not only in a separated medium, but instead: drawing as an act of articulating a closer look in-situ within the space of digital models, such that understanding is better facilitated, by a more communicative and expressive digital medium, a more energetic and able companion to thought and understanding.

Drawing-model fusion gives immediate return on investment right now already in AEC. It also points ahead at further compelling innovation in digital media, as well as a renaissance (not death) of drawing.

Drawing is on the verge, now, of decades of forthcoming evolution in its form and expression. Now that drawing resides in-situ within digital models, it will EVOLVE.

Drawing’s role will remain valid for a very long time: for as long as human (or machine) thinking continues to function in approximately the way that actually-existing thinking functions (interplay between wide and narrow poles). Drawing’s evolution is inevitable.

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