Sink your Claws into your models

Someone said, years ago, yeah I remember, that I have “a worm’s eye view” of things in AEC tech, because of my interest in the function and purpose of technical drawing — the articulate expression of clarifying and affirmative attentive focus within visual spatial models of all kinds (mental, physical, digital) — and the compelling necessity for evolution in the FORM of its expression, within the models themselves, within digital modeled environments of all kinds.

Because of both the capacity and demand for it inherent in models themselves, I kept working on it. New ideas emerged. Or, old ideas put together in new ways. 

I presented these at #BIMCoordinatorSummit2022 in Dublin (recording below).

Cat’s Eye, I’ll accept, and Cat’s Claw.

Get hooked into your models. Get your claws into them, Don’t let your models slip from your cognitive grasp. Don’t settle for superficial understanding.

The text of the recording above is here:

I wrote and give away for free to any developer, commercial and open source, a functional specification for the development of what I call AFRs (attention focusing rigs) in modeled environments of all kinds.

I propose a community-managed standardization of AFR CORE features (TGN).

The idea is total freedom for all developers to innovate AFR features in their domains, and at the same time, open development of industry standard AFR core features.

The standardized AFR core features I call TGN:

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