Why de-fang and de-claw your understanding?

Get your claws into your models. Develop TGN rigs in your software.

A TGN advertisement:


A TGN demo:

My conference talk on TGN starting at the narrated demo (12:02):


Un-narrated demo:

The text of my talk at BIM Coordinators Summit 2022 Dublin:

text of my talk at BIM Coordinators Summit 2022 Dublin

Perfect Match

TGN and [your favorite modeling platform] are a perfect match.

[Your favorite modeling platform] is the future of modeling.

TGN is the future of drawing, expressed IN models, and using all the relevant capabilities of digital graphics, applied through fundamental techniques of visual close study. The real beauty of TGN is that at once it embodies technical drawing’s long past, its present, and its future. It’s all of these at once, each of them present distinctly and undiluted.

TGN is elegance and tenacity at once. Like [your favorite modeling platform].

TGN is for users getting their claws into models, to get a handle on them, to grasp them, to interpret and understand them. And to communicate this understanding clearly.

Core Features

One of the things I improved since writing the spec (download links below) is the important clarification between: 

  • all possible features in an AFR (attention focusing rig) in any app, and 
  • the minimum required features for an industry standardized AFR core feature set (TGN)

I talked about this in my Dublin talk and highlighted it with this diagram: https://tangerinefocusdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2022/09/sunburst-afr-tgn.png

In the diagram:

  • core features are orange
  • beyond-core AFR features are blue
  • the spec includes all the orange core items, plus a larger sample of beyond-core blue items than are shown in the diagram.


TGN Rigs, rigging models for insight, clarity, interpretive power, communication

Download the TGN developer specification, a roadmap for the evolution of the expression of focused attention within digital models of all kinds (all apps, all platforms). In other words, the evolution and future of technical drawing. TGN Rigs are rigging for insight. They empower users to rig their models for clarity, rigging for interpretive power, putting real FORCE behind thinking while modeling, while building. 

The TGN developer spec is for free to anyone who wants it. A free book. Download

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (PDF)

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (ePub)

TGN: a digital model INTERACTIONS format standard (Apple)

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