Develop TGN because it’s beautiful and necessary

Develop TGN because it’s beautiful and necessary.

Those of us interested in this are seeking now, and will formalize a process for, those who can contribute development resources to a TGN open source development project. The goal is to make TGN available to everyone in every model-handling app/platform who’s developers implement TGN.

Here’s a summary and a sort of “elevator pitch” blurb that includes also links to TGN specification, demo and detailed discussion:

Note in the linked article that there is also a broader unlimited AFR concept (attention focusing rigs). AFR extends, and adds, beyond the TGN features while benefiting from the TGN core/standard. AFR can be anything anyone envisions it should be, unique to every developer’s needs, user requirements, and tuned to maximize use of the graphics capabilities of the platforms they develop.

Contact me if you know anyone who wants to contribute:

  • funding for and participation in a TGN development project by a leading open source development firm
  • developers to implement TGN in YOUR favorite apps (or apps that you own)
  • stand up a TGN Community and formalize it with the objective to:
    • complete the TGN specification
    • evolve it as times change, and
    • maintain it as an industry-wide, open but well managed standard FORM OF ENGAGEMENT with digital models of all kinds

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