BIM/CDE adoption would increase, if…

BIM/CDE adoption would increase if modeling environments incorporated software features for the articulate expression of attentive focus within the models. Here is a proposal for that:

TGN: AFR’s Standardized Open Source Core Features:

1. Admin Features of TGN rigs
2. TGN rig volume/scope box
3. Cinematic camera rigging, built-in (resolving to parallel projection at center)
4. Rig UI
5. Filter Pegs
6. Style Pegs
7. Facility for extra graphics
8. Rig sharing – TGN rigs are portable from one modeling app to another

Developer commentary about AFR core features (TGN) is here:

Built in to existing software of your choice

Finally a first development of TGN may happen this year, 2023.

For any end user firms or software developers interested in TGN (open source) implementations in their own apps, please get in contact with me.

I believe by mid year or earlier some dev groups and funding sources may be identified. Then I think we’ll be able to point to a series of TGN development projects and clear ways for those interested to contribute to those efforts, so they can sooner see TGN built into their favorite apps.

The argument that one is better than the other, is self-defeating and counterproductive.

What are drawings?

  • expressions of narrowed attentive focus.

What are models?

  • expressions of wider expansive environments.

So, 20 years of arguing which is better, wider expansive environments, or the articulation of narrowed attentive focus. 

Arguing that one is better than the other, environment or focus, is an argument that goes nowhere because it can’t go anywhere. It’s pointless. There are much better arguments to have. This one, finally, should be abandoned entirely and replaced with better argument, about how digital environments should develop, in recognition of this most basic reality.

It’s like arguing that motion picture is better than recorded sound, that no one would want both, in fusion (known as sound film 100 years ago). Such an idiotic argument in fact was made, by Jack Warner:

In September 1926, Jack L. Warner, head of Warner Bros., was quoted to the effect that talking pictures would never be viable: “They fail to take into account the international language of the silent pictures, and the unconscious share of each onlooker in creating the play, the action, the plot, and the imagined dialogue for himself.”[146] Much to his company’s benefit, he would be proven very wrong—between the 1927–28 and 1928–29 fiscal years, Warners’ profits surged from $2 million to $14 million. Sound film, in fact, was a clear boon to all the major players in the industry.

In our case, now, in our industry, with our forms of media, and our necessary expression of attentive focus, its FORM must evolve, once it resides in-situ within models. AFR/TGN is a proposal for that evolution.

An old post still good:

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