good news for TGN in 2023 and 2022 recap

2023 could see TGN made real for the first time. Core AFR features may be developed on at least one (of many great) modeling platform(s), to start with. The right group of people are coming together to make this happen. I’m expecting to make some announcements by February or so.

TGN is my contribution to making models better, by making drawing better, by evolving its form of expression, within models, and supporting its portability across modeling apps, platforms, and formats.

The analogy to making silent film better 100 years ago by making sound better by incorporating it, synchronized, into film, is obvious.

Here’s a 2022 TGN recap, links to my musings on AFR/TGN.

One of the important points is the distinction between:

  • The unlimited possibilities for added or extended features, everything that anyone can envision that expresses/supports an AFR (attention focusing rigs) concept, and 
  • A narrower subset that will be/are open source AFR core features. These core features are TGN. They enable sharing/portability of AFR rigs from one modeling app to another with minimum required graphical fidelity (as defined by the TGN standard) intact.

Here’s the TGN developer specification document, a functional spec. It describes many possible features, more than the minimum set of open source AFR core (TGN) features, but fewer than all possible AFR features in all possible platforms:

TGN: AFR’s Standardized Open Source Core Features

1. Admin Features of TGN rigs
2. TGN rig volume/scope box
3. Cinematic camera rigging, built-in
4. Rig UI
5. Filter Pegs
6. Style Pegs
7. Facility for extra graphics
8. Rig sharing – TGN rigs are portable from one modeling app to another

Developer commentary about AFR core features (TGN) is here:
  • The specification and the other documents were short of commentary on developer/user implications of each of the 8 TGN features. Each may be developed along many possible alternate development paths depending on envisioned outcome, and on the development team, the capabilities of the apps they’re developing on/for, the current and evolving state of the team’s imagination with regard to attention focusing apparatus within models, the developers’ users’ immediate needs, development prioritizations, and so on. 

    I wanted to map out some of these alternatives to give developers a good start on imagining where this can go, some of the implementation alternatives, discussion of anticipated difficulties, dependences, solutions to those, modularity, integration with existing code, and where dependencies can be offloaded or deferred while maintaining TGN core integrity and keeping a minimum level of graphics fidelity intact as users share AFR/TGN rigs from one app to another. Ideas on this floated around for months and I thought it was important to write them in an organized manner, here. It’s long but organized:

TGN, snowballing in 2023:

God jul och gott nytt år från Sverige!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sweden!

TGN Demo, narrated:

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